Dear future NP collaborator!

As part of the Neutrino Platform, you can be registered as a USER (if you intend to come physically to CERN) or as an External Participant (if you only need computing rights to work remotely from your institute).

N.B. : the “USER” status should only be selected in PREG if the person concerned is expected at CERN within the next six months. The “External Participant” status should be selected when only a computing account and remote access to the experiment data are needed.

 Pre-registered members will receive email notifications offering them step-by-step guidance at each stage of the pre-arrival and onboarding process.

Please don’t hesitate to double check the Users Office dedicated help page for further guidance.

*Other status (STAFF, FELL, PJAS, DOCT, TECH etc...) are not managed by the secretariat but we can provide you information concerning contract change or direct you to the right department.