If you wish to organize a visit in the EHN1-Neutrino Platform Hall, the following steps are required:

  • Contact the Visit Coordinator: or call the NEUTRINO Secretariat at +41 22 76 65472 or +41 22 76 66205
  • For CERN people, please use the Private Guided tour Request form here .
  • Let us know the mandatory information about the visitors:
    • the number of visitors,
    • the preferable date and time
    • physics knowledge
    • preferred language
    • if there are children under 10 years old in the group.
  • The Visit Coordinator will confirm you the visit after having check its feasibility
  • In case the visit is confirmed, the Visit Coordinator will give you all the needed information.

EHN1 Experimental Hall

Important remarks for the visit:

  • Neutrino Platform is located in Prevessin site, building 887 (EHN1 Extension). The right entrance to the Neutrino Platform is on the “Lausanne side” and can be found on the map.
  • It is forbidden to enter the experimental hall before meeting the Neutrino Platform guide (no matter if you are part of the collaboration, CERN user etc). and it is also forbidden to take any other than the official entrance, even if you know the building.
  • You will receive the phone number of the Neutrino Platform guide(s) and you should be in contact with them in case of problems or last minute changes.
  • You will enter into a hazard zone and you have to wear flat and closed shoes. A helmet will be provided at the entrance as well
  • Visitors have to always follow the guide and his/her instructions.

EHN1-NP visit calendar.