Coming with the family members

If you are already at CERN and would like your family to join you:

If you live in Switzerland

You can request an attestation from the NEUTRINO Secretariat for your family members (attestation rapprochement familial). Your family member must take the attestation along with  a copy of your carte de legitimation to the Swiss Consulate competent for their place of residence.

If you live in France

We can produce a Note Verbale for your family members (spouse, children, parents or parents-in-law). You must be registered over 55% with the Users office and be in possession of the French carte de sejour and carte de legitimation. We require your French card number when you request the Note Verbale for your family member.

The Note Verbale will be sent to the Consulate of your Family Members by the French Mission. Within 10 days your family members can make an appointment with their consulate and request their French D-visa.