Invitation Letters

Am I subject to a visa? 

Please note that Team Leaders should validate the requests and for new members a pre-registration should be initiated

If you are a Swiss national or from an EU Country, you are NOT subject to a visa.

To enter and stay in the Organization's Host States, Switzerland and France, any national of a third country (i.e. not a national of a country within the European Economic Area or Switzerland) is in principle subject to a visa requirement.

N.B. However, under various international agreements, nationals of some third countries are exempt from the visa requirement, mainly for short stays. This applies to nationals of Argentina, Australia, Israel, Canada and the United States for short stays of less than 8 days.

The Convention d'Accueil (for short stays of less than 90 days and multiple staysIS REQUIRED IN ALL cases, including the countries who are exempt as stated above, as it serves as a work permit in France for nationals of countries who are not members of EEA & who are not Swiss.

Please kindly follow the steps according to your situation by scrolling the menu "INVITATION LETTERS". In case of need, please contact

Time needed to process applications

Please note that any person required to be in possession of a visa in order to take up functions at CERN must start the application process sufficiently early to allow the Visa to be issued in time.

The submission of an incomplete application, local circumstances and an increase in applications before the summer holiday period can all result in considerable variation in the time needed to process your application and issue the Visa.

You are therefore recommended to submit your Visa application at least three months and not later than 21 days, prior to your departure date.

This is not anything imposed by CERN, but rather the embassies delays for treating demands.

This information is available in the CERN Bulletin.

More details can also be found here.